Joey's Miami Location Map

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Joey's Miami Location Map


Are you planning to shoot in Miami and need some pointing in the right direction? Let’s save you the Google searches, DM’s, and days of location scouting… because my private map will lead you right to the top spots to shoot!

What’s Included:

  • 14 Beach locations in South Beach & Key Biscayne

  • 5 Indoor & outdoor studio locations/sets

  • Joey’s personal tips and descriptions of all free locations including best time of day to shoot and any hazards you should look out for (including permit-seeking park rangers)

  • Photos by Joey corresponding to almost every pin on the map so you can get a little inspiration along with a feel for each location before you show up

  • Links to studio/set locations for booking and contact info

  • Created using Google Maps for easy mobile access and GPS guidance

  • Cloud-based automatic updating whenever Joey adds new locations

NOTE: You must have a free Google/Gmail account along with the free Google Maps App (Android or iOS) to access the map. Please use your Gmail or Google-linked email address when checking out.

After your purchase, please allow up to 48-hours to receive a personal map invite link via email. After receiving the map link, make sure you are signed into the Google Maps App or your Google account on your desktop browser using the same Gmail address used during checkout.

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